About Us

Welcome, friends and family!  We are excited that you are here, and that we share a common interest in preparing and enjoying all the many foods and flavors that God has blessed us with!  We hope you enjoy your stay and would love to hear your comments!
I enjoy most styles and ways of cooking and baking, but mostly enjoy making main dishes and desserts. I especially love to cook (and eat!! :-) Chinese food, and also like trying out new recipes!  I like to make more simple desserts such as cookies or bars, but my most favorite dessert is chocolate pecan pie that we have on very special occasions!  When I’m not in the kitchen, you will find me happily playing and teaching piano; enjoying my younger siblings and time with my family;  riding and training my palomino Quarter horse, Bubba; or out with my herd of Boer goats! 

Hi there!  I am a very blessed wife of a man who loves food.  (All of the recipes I post have the official Richie stamp of approval. :-)  He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, which is why I am particularly interested finding new and delicious main dish recipes.  We grow veggies and butcher our own beef, so you will probably find that many of my recipes include those things!  We also grind all of our flour fresh, and are working toward making the majority of our menus natural and healthy. I am a sucker for sweets and chocolate.  All things in moderation :-)

Hello Friends!  Thank you for stopping by! :-)  We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy your visit, as well as possibly trying out some of our family’s favorite recipes.  I am so thankful to be a part of a large family that is always hungry and excited for the next meal.  I enjoy trying out new recipes in order to continue adding to our tried and true favorites.  I love baking and cooking, but mainly focus on making main courses that I think my family would enjoy (and making a lot of it!)  :-) I enjoy using God’s gift of beautiful and healthy veggies in main courses, and fruits in desserts whenever possible.  We are blessed with a church family that welcomes and enjoys some baked goods from our kitchen, thus giving me a great excuse to make a big batch of cookies or muffins every so often!! 

Most importantly, I am so thankful to be an adopted daughter of the Kings of Kings and blessed by His unconditional love and grace.  I have a strong love for children and believe a God given passion for orphans in particular.  I am excited to see how God may lead me to minister to the orphan.  (I sure would love to adopt someday!!)  So when I am not loving on my sweet younger siblings, you might find me taking care of my AKC Labrador Retrievers that I breed and raise, babysitting, reading, going on walks and spending time with my family.     

First off, thank you for checking out our new blog! We’re glad you’re here and hope you find some great recipes! I like to bake and cook, but baking is what I enjoy most. I LOVE to use fruit in the things I bake… mostly apples and bananas. I enjoy cooking as well and especially love main dishes with chicken. You’ll find me outside on our farm a good part of the day, so I like meals I can put together quickly and efficiently… that are still nutritious and delicious!


  1. Each of you look very nice and those apple pies look tasty. I know the recipients of those pies will be blessed. I like your outfits. Look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Great introductions, and I love the pictures of you all. Who took them?

  3. Thanks Sarah! I'm sure they were. :) I didn't know you could comment on this part of the blog, so sorry for the late response!

    Thanks Elanee! Our mom took these pictures.