Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chai Tea Latte~ By Lydia

 The credit goes to Valerie for telling me about this wonderful drink.  I've missed out all these years!  Make the tea concentrate any time and store in the fridge for up to a week.  Mix it 1:1 with hot milk.  To make the lovely froth, throw the hot milk in the blender before adding tea.

Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate

  • 4 cups of water
  • 4-6 Chai tea bags, depending on how strong you like it.
  • 2 Tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
• Place water and tea bags in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a low boil. Turn heat down to low/medium-low and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags and carefully squeeze them into the pan to get all the tea out.
• Stir in honey and vanilla while tea is still hot so the honey dissolves. Pour chai concentrate in a glass mason jar and store in the fridge. I’ve found it to keep well for at least 7-10 days, but it’s usually gone before that!
Sometimes I like to add a little vanilla syrup (the kind they use in espressos) to make mine just a little sweeter. :-)


  1. I just love chai spice latte:) usually I add some cream to the cup, and a lot of sugar and a little coffee, so maybe my chai turns into more of a coffee:) But it's still good:)

  2. Oh boy! This recipe and Elanee's sound amazing and really easy to do at home! I'm anxious to try it!! Thanks for posting it!

  3. Elanee, that sounds delicious! Never thought about adding coffee to the cup! Yes...the more cream the better...sometimes I add half/half which is rather rich since I usually use whole milk also :-) But, cream is a healthy fat, so I don't feel too guilty! Mommy, I think you would LOVE the way the spices smell when you are making the concentrate, it would be a perfect fall-season drink for you!

  4. I'm not a chai spice fan... but this looks amazing... I'll have to try it! :)